Director/Producer/Founder - Justin Steinberg

Justin has always loved taking photos and videos and it has become a real passion. He currently runs a photography business with his wife and does videography projects on the side. Justin is extremely interested in the history of places and is actively involved in a Paranormal Investigating Group. Justin wanted to take the knowledge from both sides and start making documentaries in which brought Project Origin in the making

Social media Manager - April Steinberg

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Cast/Crew/Investigator - Jack niederhaus

Cast/Crew/Investigator - Heather Keicker

Having had unexplained experiences of her own throughout life since childhood; history, research, and exploration into the supernatural have become of interest to Heather. She was previously part of a paranormal team prior to joining Project Origin. She is very dedicated, a bit of an analytical thinker, and keeps an open mind. The potential to spark another's curiosity of the unknown through means of storytelling and creating documentaries resonates with her. She's inquisitive and is currently in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science. She also studies Reiki and other energy healing modalities as well. Heather is an Empath and would describe herself as an old soul at heart.

Cast/Crew/Investigator - Dana McCallum

Description coming soon

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